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GradeL News

GradeL Window

05-24-2009 GradeL 0.11.1 Released: An error in packaging of 0.11.0 caused a crash when trying to create a marking period progress report. Also small improvements to the user interface. See the ChangeLog and blog for details or download this release.

02-27-2009 GradeL 0.11.0 Released: This version is a major update to GradeL. Highlights include bug fixes, import of students names, and improved grading scale. See the ChangeLog and blog for details or download this release.

01-19-2009 GradeL Documentation: Until recently, documentation for GradeL has taken a back seat to the actual writing of the program. This is changing with the introduction of the GradeL Wiki, which will house the User's Manual. While still incomplete, the wiki is making progress. If you are interested in contributing, please email me.

01-14-2009 GradeL 0.10.1 Released: Unfortunately, a bug that prevented users from changing the grading mode from POINTS to WEIGHTS forced the quick release of a new version. See the ChangeLog and blog for details or download this release.

01-13-2009 GradeL 0.10.0 Released: Mainly includes bug fixes and minor improvements. There is also a .deb package for Ubuntu Intrepid and other .deb distros. See the ChangeLog and blog for details or download this release.

05-17-2008 GradeL 0.9.1 Released: Still more bug fixes and several improvements. This release includes functioning scripts for compiling, installation, removal. There is also a .deb package for Ubuntu Hardy and other .deb distros. See the ChangeLog and blog for details or download this release.

09-20-2007 GradeL 0.8.11 Released: This release contains mostly bug fixes and a few minor feature enhancements. See the ChangeLog for details or download this release.

09-14-2007 GradeL 0.8.10 Released: This release fixes bugs in 0.8.9. See the ChangeLog for details or download this release.

09-11-2007 GradeL 0.8.9 Released: This release fixes bugs in 0.8.8 and adds minor features including tracking textbook condition, dates, and fines. See the ChangeLog for details or download this release.

09-06-2007 GradeL 0.8.8 Released: This release just fixes two crashes produced by the 0.8.7 version. Thanks go to the users who continue to report bugs. Hopefully there will be no other bugs (fingers crossed). See the ChangeLog for details or download the release.

09-01-2007 GradeL 0.8.7 Released: This release just fixes a crash produced by the 0.8.6 version. The help system, which was not really all that helpful, was also removed. This version will run locally in the source directory or be installed on the system. See the ChangeLog for details.

08-16-2007 GradeL 0.8.6 Released: This release just fixes crashes produced by the 0.8.5 version released yesterday. See the ChangeLog for details.

08-16-2007 GradeL 0.8.5 has bugs: Long time users have probably become used to this, a new release followed by critical bugs. The fixes will be coming soon in 0.8.6. Read the Dev Blog for details.

08-15-2007 GradeL 0.8.5 Released: This release includes several features requested by users as well as some bug fixes. See the ChangeLog for details.

07-12-2007 GradeL 0.8.3 Released: GradeL 0.8.2 has two pesky bugs, so I was forced to quickly release a fix. See the ChangeLog for details.

07-12-2007 GradeL 0.8.2 Released: GradeL 0.8.2 has been released. This version fixes several critical bugs and adds/improves some features as well. See the ChangeLog for details.

06-21-2007 New Development Blog: I've started a blog for chronicling GradeL development. Check it out here. This blog will describe new changes and fixes being included in upcoming releases. Users can also periodically download development snapshots.

06-16-2007 0.8.1 download now includes patch: The source tarball available via download now contains the patch. If you downloaded prior to 1:47pm EST, you can download again, or just apply the patch as directed below. Sorry for the inconvience!

06-16-2007 GradeL 0.8.1 Bugs: As is becoming a trend, no sooner is 0.8.1 released than bugs start popping up. There is a problem creating a new class from the toolbar and file menu. A patch is available here. Copy this file to the GradeL source directory and then ununstall, compile, and install the new version. A follow-up release will come soon.

06-15-2007 GradeL 0.8.1 Released!: Sooner than expected, I've released GradeL 0.8.1. This version includes the changes mentioned below (See the ChangeLog for further details). Please download it and try it out. Should you encounter bugs, please report them to the forum or via email. Thanks!

06-15-2007 Development Update: Minor bug fixes continue to be completed, but the major news is that the next release will allow for custom grading periods. Users will now be able to change the number of semesters and marking periods per semester. This should allow GradeL to work in situations such as six-week marking periods or trimesters. Stay tuned...

05-18-2007 GradeL 0.7.6 Released! Many bug fixes and a few improvements and refinements highlight the release of GradeL 0.7.6, which is available for immediate download. GradeL users are encouraged to upgrade to this new version. Reports of bugs or feature requests are welcome! See the ChangeLog for release details. This release also includes a version for use with Gambas2 (and the compile script is fixed!)

05-16-2007 More bugs found and fixed! I have found several major bugs and fixed them. These include problems with importing data, opening saved GradeL files, and menu check marks. There will be a release soon to address these issues.

03-25-2007 GradeL 0.7.5 Released!. After quite a layoff, another version of GradeL has been released. This version fixes some issues and also adds some minor features. See the ChangeLog for details.

11-26-2006 Patch for GradeL 0.7.4. It figures that just after 0.7.4 is released, I discover yet another bug in the program. The program does not properly handle comments for dropped students. While GradeL does not crash, comment data for dropped students is not saved and therefore lost upon closing the program. Grade information is not lost. Download this patch: GClass.class. Follow the instructions from 11-17 below to re-compile and install.

11-25-2006 GradeL 0.7.4 released. This release corrects several bugs including the Add Assignment bug reported below. GradeL now supports student comments and export to Online Grades. Although the GradeL gradebook file format has changed, the program should still read data from the previous version. Please try this version out and report any bugs via email or the forum.

11-17-2006 Patch for 0.7.3 An unfortunate and critical bug has been reported, found, and squashed just one day after the previous release. This along with other issues will be addressed in the upcoming 0.7.4 release. In the meantime, this patch will correct the bug. Copy the patched file frmGol.class to the gradel source directory and recompile with ./compile.sh. Uninstall the old version with ./uninstall.sh (as root) and finally reinstall with ./install.sh (as root).

11-16-2006 GradeL 0.7.3 released. This release adds a weighted categories grading systems for marking period grades. The Gradel window resizing was also changed. The window can no longer be resized with the mouse, this must take place from the View Menu. This version still includes bugs. I have already discovered a few, including a crash when a category that is in use is deleted. This and others will be fixed in the next release.

10-27-2006 GradeL 0.7.2 released. This release fixes a bug in the grading scale that could crash the program.

09-11-2006 GradeL 0.7.1 released. Still in alpha phase.  Attendance tracking added. Minor bug fixes also included. This release is experimental. Let me know if you find problems.  Slowly working toward a beta release.

08-01-2006 Development continues. Currently working out the bugs in the Attendance tracking feature. No release date set. New article added to online manual on importing data. Nothing fancy, just a short and sweet explanation.

04-21-2006 GradeL 0.6.2 released.

04-08-2006 Patch for GradeL 0.6.1. Replace file CodeEditForm.form with this patch. Then compile again, uninstall, and install. This will fix the weird placement of controls when editing codes. This and other bugs will be corrected in the next release. Plus, new improvements will include email and parent data for students and customizable assignment label colors.

04-07-2006 GradeL 0.6.1 released.  Seating Chart Generator is included.  Also, some minor bug fixes and improvements.

04-03-2006 Seating Chart Generator has been added!  Seats can be assigned A to Z, randomly, or individually.  The next release will include this feature.

03-31-2006 GradeL 0.5.2 released.  Includes bug fixes and improvements, most notably printable spreadsheet report.

03-27-2006 GradeL 0.5.1 released.  Lots of bug fixes and improvements. This version runs on Gambas 1.0.xx. Attendance is stil disabled as is new Spreadsheet report. Those features are still under heavy development.

03-24-2006 Next release will run on Gambas 1.0.xx !!  I've replaced code thatcrashed on Gambas 1.0.14 and now it's running. I need to test it more before release.

03-24-2006 GradeL 0.4.4 released.  Important bug fix, plus many feature improvements. This is still considered an alpha release.

03-23-2006 GradeL 0.4.3 released.  This is considered an alpha release. Some features are incomplete and there may be bugs.

03-22-2006 GradeL project lauched on SourceForge. Alpha release to follow soon.

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