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GradeL ChangeLog

gradel-0.12.2 - 25 Sep 2010
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Attendance Spreadheet report now correctly displays and prints the attendnance. - Entry textbox hidden when changing marking periods. - Force Final Exam category for New class files. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Code improvement: Change .ForeColor and .BackColor (depricated) to .Foreground and .Background in preparation for switch to Gambas3. - Code improvement: Update the syntax for OPENing files. - Code improvement: Unnecessary OPTIONAL keywords removed. - Code improvement: Fix use of Assign as identifier (now bAssign). - Code improvement: Forms and classes now use a uniform naming convention - F for the form prefix and C for the class prefix. - A French translation has been added.
gradel-0.12.1 - 10 Feb 2010
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed error in weighted grade calculation for categories that have no grades yet entered. - When adding an assignment, GradeL now checks to make sure you enter a numeric value for the points. - Fixed crash when printing Progress Reports to a printer or file. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Progress reports now include option to print one one student per page as well as paper saving, multiple students per page. - Progress report type now selected from menu.
gradel-0.12.0 - 20 Dec 2009
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed routine that determines whether a student has comments entered for a marking period. - Better handling of averages when there are no assignments entered for a student. - Errors in rounding calculation of marking period averages in fixed, including overall class average for STRAIGHT POINTS and WEIGHTED CATEGORIES. - Uniform button height and width used. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Mouse click on lower right corner of GradeL window brings up Grid Resize Dialog. - New menu item in the Help Menu allows GradeL to check to see if the user is running the latest stable version and if not, recommends that the software be downloaded and updated. - Student name now preceeded by an asterisk (*) when a student has commments for the current marking period. - Assignment category info included in tags of OnlineGrades output file.
gradel-0.11.2 - 19 Nov 2009
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Column headers for Attendance View are now positioned correctly. - Improved grid display and scrollbar placement (very minor). - Fixed spelling error in Reports menu. - Tool tip on Quit toolbar button corrected to state "Quit GradeL". - Tool tip on Open toolbar button corrected to state "Open Class File". - Fixed error in saving gradebook as an .xml file (still experimental). - Adjust size and placement of edit box for cells in the grade spreadsheet. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Code clean up for Grading Scale form. - Code Improvement: Corrected syntax for resizable and fixed. - Add the word "Visible" to the View - Grid Size menu option. - Add new report item that displays category averages for all students in a marking period.
gradel-0.11.1 - 24 May 2009
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Adjust placement of widgets on main window. - StudentReportForm.form returned to the source and .deb packages.
gradel-0.11.0 - 23 Feb 2009
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Better handling of Grade Mode warning. - If absent, .gdl extension now added to filename when saving. - In Category Setup dialog, weights are only displayed when grading straight points mode. - Button function text clarified in Class Setup Form. - Fix title text on Comments form. - 'blank' code cannot be removed from the grade code list. - A code can no longer be entered in the code list more than once. - When adding assignments, final exam category only available in the last marking period of the semester and when the current semester does not already contain a final. - Columns in Semester Summary adjusted. - Fixed error in import and added import for just student names. - Two errors in .deb file corrected. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Grid Size change option added to right click menu from main window. - Improved handling of a 0/0 grade. Displays as ---% NA. - Recent Files converted to Recent Classes. Now the class name shows instead of the file name. - Manage Recent Classes List added to Setup Menu. You can clear the list, get details or delete entries. To add entries, just open a class. - GradeL starts now with the most recent class file open. - Class category averages now available from Reports menu. - Ctrl+Q added as Quit keyboard shortcut. - Grading Scale is now more customizable with variable number of grades. - Small improvement in vertical scrolling performance. - Small change to compile.sh - added a variable for executable name. - Class setup form updated. - Improved management of period and exam weights. - Minor usability changes to Reports menu. - Attendance now sorted by date in spreadsheet. - Updated category add and edit forms. - Can now import a text file with one student name per line.
gradel-0.10.1 - 14 Jan 2009
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed error in Class Setup form that prevented users from changing the grading mode. This was a critical bug. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - User is warned once to set the grading mode before adding students or assignments. For now, once students or assignments are added, the mode must stay.
gradel-0.10.0 - 12 Jan 2009
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed size of text in opening dialog. - GradeL now works with Gambas 2.9 +. - Fix crash from corrupt settings file. - Tweak the look of a few dialog boxes. - Fixed handling of bad or missing settings file. - Fixed incorrect file open/save Gambas Syntax. - Program now recognizes that file need to be save when exam or period weights have been changed. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Recent Files menu item now holds 10 files and has improved functionality. - Recent Files list added to popup (rght-click) menu in main grid. - Removed ability to open multiple windows from within the program. You can still run multiple instances if you wish to have several files open at once. - Added keyboard shortcut access to message question dialogs. - Export menu (in File) now has children rather than three seperate items.
gradel-0.9.1 - 16 May 2008
Bug Fixes: ---------- - compile.sh, install.sh, and uninstall.sh script all updated and fixed to work properly with Gambas2. - Labels on Attendance Spreadsheet Report now appear correctly (vertical). - Resize Semester Report Dialog now works properly. - Resize Progress Report Dialog now works properly. - Resize Student Information Dialog now works properly. - Resize on Recording Grid Dialog now works properly. - Resize of Spreadsheet reports now works properly. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - GradeL no longer requires gb.qt.kde Gambas component. - Mouse behavior imporved during report generation. - Remove some unecessary print statements. - Remove old, unused code. - Added a check for assignment dates so they are included in the marking period boundaries. - Desktop entry added to system on installation under Education.
gradel-0.9.0 - 4 Apr 2008
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed bug that caused crash while switching marking periods when some score entries are blank. - Long student names are now trimmed so that they don't overrun the adjacent column in the main window, spreadsheet preview, and printout. - Fixed focus of startup window so the mouse wheel does not trigger the opening of the first file in the recent files list. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - GradeL now requires Gambas2 (developed on Gambas 2.4.1). - Current marking period grades can now be exported as a tab-seperated file via the File Menu. - Warning added stating that grading mode cannot be changed once a class is created. - Class MP Progress Reports preview now shows pages seperately. - Class MP Progress Reports top and bottom margins now at 0.6 inches. - Dates for absences and tardies now printed on student report.
gradel-0.8.14 - 31 Oct 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Adjusted some text labels on forms so that text shows correctly. - Header labels positioned correctly in both grade mode and attendance mode. - Long assignment names no longer over-write points in Progress Report screen view and printout. - Moving and sorting assignments now check validity prior to action. - Weighted grades tweaked again. They seem to calculate correctly now. Extra credit is added on after grade calculation per its weight. - Attendance spreadsheet no longer crashes program when no days have been added. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Improved appearance on many dialogs. - Absences and tardies now included with progress reports. - Student number now shows in attendance mode as well as grade mode when selected in Preferences. - Recent Files selection added to File menu and start up dialog window.
gradel-0.8.13 - 18 Oct 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed errors in compile.sh and install.sh. - Correction in verification of category weights. The sum of the weights will be rounded to 4 decimal places (i.e. 25.34%). - Fixed crash when accessing seating chart of file created with older version of GradeL Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Manage assignments from new Assignment Management window. (ASSIGNMENTs - MANAGE ASSIGNMENTS.) - Assignments can now be sorted or rearranged manually. - Assignments can now be sorted by date via the Assignments Menu. - Added some remarks to the code (beginning to shoot for clarity) - GradeL now includes only categories with assignments in the calcualtion of student grades. Empty categories do not count against a student. - GradeL now save preferences (grid size, browser, down arrow function, window location, and whether to show student number) in ~/.gradel file in users home directory. - Weights now displayed with category name in Categories Dialog list.
gradel-0.8.12 - 30 Sep 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed crash in Add Student dialog when adding a second student using "Add" button.
gradel-0.8.11 - 20 Sep 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed crash in Single Student (MP) report. - Fixed crash in Attendance Code dialog when trying to EDIT without selecting a code. - Issue Date and Return Date no longer display nonsense data when there is no textbook issued (STUDENTS | EDIT menu). - Textbook information can only be entered after a textbook number is assigned to a student. - Issue and return dates now validated correctly. - Fixed crash opening a file with Semesters not equal to 2 and Marking Periods not equal to 4. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Students can now also be sorted by student number. - Spreadsheet Report offers option to display either name or student number. - Attendance Spreadsheet can be previewed and printed. - New Student automatically added to empty seat in seating chart.
gradel-0.8.10 - 14 Sep 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Comments now save to correct student. - File with dropped students can now be correctly reopened.
gradel-0.8.9 - 11 Sep 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed crash in Seating Chart when resizing chart during move. - Fixed bug in grid resize that prevented all students and assignments from appearing. VIEW | GRID SIZE now functions properly. - Fixed crash in Class Setup form when changing number of marking periods and semesters. - Fixed lingering score entry box when opening another file in same window. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Preferences now gives option to show student number with name on main screen. - Student information now maintains textbook condition, issue and return dates. - Adjust info placement in rows down one pixel. - Add Assignment dialog starts with focus on Assignment Name edit box.
gradel-0.8.8 - 6 Sep 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Help now displays message instead of missing web page. - Fixed crash in Period Weights dialog when entry or keystroke is not a number. Should function properly now. - Fixed crash when selecting View/Add Comments from popup menu on student name. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Updated text output in compile script.
gradel-0.8.7 - 1 Sep 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed crash when right clicking student column after creating new class. - Fixed text label size in Student Information dialog. - Fixed install script to place documents in /usr/share/doc/gradel directory. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Help feature no longer available through GradeL program. Use the website http://gradel.sourcefore.net instead. - Install script no longer installs a local copy of help. - GradeL can be run from source directory without installation or installed on the system using compile and install scripts provided.
gradel-0.8.6 - 16 Aug 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed crash when selecting SETUP | ATTENDANCE CODES. - Fixed Grading Scale dialog crash. - Fixed Seating Chart crash. - Fixed Empty Grid crash. - Fixed crash when double clicking marking period name to edit. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Removed unnecessary text output to console (debugging PRINTs)
gradel-0.8.5 - 15 Aug 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Program now shuts down properly when help is open. - If no browser selected in PREFERENCES, browser is not changed. - gb.qt.kde.html no longer required. Component removed from project. - Program no longer crashes when adding or editing categories in Straight Points mode. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Multiple class files can now optionally be opened, each in a new GradeL window using FILE | OPEN IN NEW WINDOW. The windows can be navigated via a new "Window" menu. - View scrolls to the far right when new assignment added. - View scrolls down to the bottom when new student added. - Sort Students added to popup menu over student names column. - More clean-up of code, including removing "global" references in classes.
gradel-0.8.4 (beta?) - 19 Jul 2007
- Too many bugs. Release pulled before public.
gradel-0.8.3 (beta?) - 12 Jul 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed major bug encountered when adding an assignment or attendance date to the second to the last column of the grid, which was crashig the program
gradel-0.8.2 (beta?) - 11 Jul 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed the "New" file bug in 0.8.1. - Fix form title on Class Info dialog. - Disable "Weight" label in Weigths Edit dialog in points mode. - Remove error dialog when "Cancel" press on FILE | OPEN dialog. - Changing the default semesters and marking periods no longer crashes program upon adding students. - Adding and Editing Attendance codes via SETUP | ATTENDANCE CODES now works correctly! Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - Welcome dialog includes GradeL logo and Quit button. - Add check for file-not-saved to FILE | NEW and FILE | OPEN actions. - Add option to add students immediately after creating new class. - Help now uses web browser, i.e. Firefox, Konqueor, Opera, Epiphany. - Browser can be set in SETUP | PREFERENCES. - Down Arrow functionality can be set in SETUP | PREFERENCES
gradel-0.8.1 (beta?) - 11 Jun 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Change About menu to read "About GradeL". - Must add students before adding attendance using menu (Today or Add). - Must add students before adding assignments using menu (Add Assignment). - Errors importing do not crash the program (CATCH implemented). - General cleanup of code. - Fix screen resolution in Empty Grid Form. - Editing Grade Codes now works! - Editing Grade Codes no longer crashes when no item selected. - Fix Select Student dialog default selection. - Fix Period Weights dialog layout. Improved & Updated Features --------------------------- - GradeL now supports customizable number of semesters and marking periods per semester. - Welcome dialog prompts user for opening or creating a class. - Drop Student added to popup menu for right-clicking student name. - Grade codes now can hold a point value other then zero! - Removed extra MessageBox whenever a dialog is cancelled.
gradel-0.7.6 (beta?) - 18 May 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Problems with importing fixed. - File Open now correctly opens a file with comments but no class days. - Corrected error in how marking periods menus were checked. - Prevent multiple attendance with same date. - Spreadsheet report horizontal lines now proper length. - Double click date header of attendance to edit now correctly handled. - Default Class Summary and Progress Reports to Portrait - Add Student Form button label fix. Improved & Updated Features ------------------ - Added "Edit Student" to Popup Menu when right clicking a student name. - Added "Delete Student" to Popup Menu when right clicking a student name. - Import now requires assignment dates in first row of file. - Help updated with import information. - Add Student Comments Form updated for appearance.
gradel-0.7.5 (beta?) - 25 Mar 2007
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Unnecessary PRINT statements removed from code. - Dropped students' comments now correctly save and open from file. - Fixed crash with Single Student report. Improved & Updated Features ------------------ - Updated Select Student form. - Added letter grade to categories in Single Student report. - Added Single Student report to Right-Click menu on student name. - Student Report (Single or Class) does not show empty categories. - Update year in About Form.
gradel-0.7.4 (beta?) - 25 Nov 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Major bug in Adding Assignments and Resizing that crashed the program is squashed! - Changed the spacing on the list box of the Distribution form. - Removal of the Final Exam category is no longer allowed. - Category list box of Add Assignment dialog no longer allows editing. - Deleting a category no longer causes Out of Bounds error. - "Extra Credit" category is no longer part of weight sum (100%). - Typo in install script remark corrected to state "Gambas" not "Gambas2". Improved Features ------------------ - Updates to many dialog buttons. - Updated many icons. - GradeL now supports student comments, assigned per marking period. - Export to "Online Grades" added.
gradel-0.7.3 (alpha) - 16 Nov 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - AddDate now correctly sets menu and context menu to Attendance (check mark) Improved Features ------------------ - Help Updated. - Added grading modes for "Straight Points" and "Weighted Categories" - Improved the resizing of the Gradel window. This is now done using menu item VIEW | GRID SIZE, not with mouse dragging border. - Added a distribution report for marking period grades.
gradel-0.7.2 (alpha) - 26 Oct 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed label in Grading Scale Form, - Fixed crash when lowest percent is not zero (forced 0 for minimum.) - "Student Number" label of student info (Edit) form is now correct size. Improved Features ------------------ - Added a check for grading scales where the percents are not descending (this is not allowed.)
gradel-0.7.1 (alpha) - 08 Aug 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - SeatsForm.class now compiles correctly under Gambas 1.0.XX and Gambas2 1.9.XX. Improved Features: ------------------ - Attendance tracking in main window. - Custom attendance codes added through main menu SETUP | Attendance Codes. - Context menu includes switching between grades and attendance. - About Dialog updated with warranty statement. - Dropped students can now be "undropped", added back to the class list.
gradel-0.6.2 (alpha) - 19 Apr 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Edit Code Dialog working properly. - Clicking in Average row now does nothing as it should. - Spreadsheet Report and printout handles varied screen resolutions better. Improved Features: ------------------ - Student data now includes email and parents. - Grade Code completion when entering codes in main window. - Date picker used for assignment entry. - Category and Code dialog boxes updated. - Category label color can now be customized. - If there are no dropped students, message given on list click. - Seating chart form look improved.
gradel-0.6.1 (alpha) - 7 Apr 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Save As prompts before overwriting an existing file. - Several editing features now properly force 'Not Saved' prompt on exit. Improved Features: ------------------ - Seating Chart Generator and Report Added. - Minor enhancements to Spreadsheet Report. - Menu icons and text updates.
gradel-0.5.2 (alpha) - 31 Mar 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Enter key now advances to the next score cell correctly. - Fixed message for Distribution with no assignments. - Correct email address in About dialog. - gb.eval not required. Improved Features: ------------------------ - Spreadsheet report for a marking period added. - Tool buttons added for some functions. - Removed border from cell entry boxes. - Right-click context menu added on score cells allows marking period choice.
gradel-0.5.1 (alpha) - 27 Mar 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - GradeL now runs on Gambas 1.0.XX series! - Alpha-code for final exam score no longer crashes program on Class Summary selection from menu! - Cancel now works for quit dialog. - Add Students now works past 15 entries. - Double clicking assignment headers now edits correct assignment. - Printer now defaults to "Letter" Improved Features: ------------------------ - Recording Grid Report added to allow hand recording of scores. Student names included. - Tooltip added to Assignment labels. - Student Information Report functional including printing. - Triple click a student name in main window to edit student info. - Click on empty cell initiates Add dialog for students or assignments. - Mouse Wheel handling improved on main window. - More Help added.
gradel-0.4.4 (alpha) - 24 Mar 2006
Bug Fixes: ---------- - Main window now correctly shows all students when scrolling. Improved Features: ------------------------ - Double click instructor, class name, and marking period name to edit. - Sorting of students by student name added. - Add student dialog updated. - Clicking on empty main window causes a message dialog. - Can now edit student name in main window. - About form updated. - Single student report prints. - Class progress reports print. - Copies and page height work for printed reports. - Mouse Wheel now works over main window. - Help pages cleaned up, but still need much work.
gradel-0.4.3 (alpha) - 23 Mar 2006
- First public alpha release.
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